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📃🚫 Rule on: Bullying. Do not put others down, spread rumors about them, or tease anyone about sensitive topics (or whatever they have asked you not to joke about). "Ball-busting", "ribbing", etc, are prohibited. 

📃🚫 Rule on: Trolling. This is any behavior or commentary intended to impede or derail the show and/or a current discussion. Modalities include "stirring the pot", or just being annoying. Playful and creative interaction is encouraged, but any disregard of how such behavior is hurting or bothering others will be punished.

📃🚫 Rule on: Self-Deprecating Humor. You will not make us complicit in your own self-loathing by any means, including humor. Sharing how you feel and what you're going though is encouraged here, but actively talking down to yourself or giving others permission to enable your own self deprecation is prohibited. DM me if you may be in crisis and need to talk to someone.

📃🚫 Rule on: Gallows Humor. Gallows humor is grim and ironic humor in a desperate or hopeless situation. "Making light" of tragedy is not considered a "healing power of comedy" in this space. You agree to avoid cynical or ironic takes on "the state of the world" or other "depressing" situations that you feel powerless to effect. Talking about your feelings or experiences with such difficult situations IS, however, encouraged.

📃🚫 Rule on: Propaganda. Top news stories about local and world events often have serious political and personal implications that go beyond the narratives seen in the headlines. Do not assume that such "news" is accepted here as either true, or even worth discussing. Misinformation is too easily spread this way. Instead, tell us how something makes you feel, and if or how it affects you personally. 

📃🚫 Rule on: Sexual Jokes/Harassment. All sexual jokes are considered sexual harassment. This includes distorting benign instances of "69", baiting others into "deez...gotem" jokes, etc. Sexual comments about - and objectifications of - others (real or imagined) are also prohibited. Depiction or description of sexual behavior is strongly discouraged as these topics can be triggering for others, especially if they have experienced trauma related to sex.

📃🚫 Rule on: Bigotry. This includes, but is not limited to, transphobia, racism, sexism, and homophobia. There is no tolerance here for jokes, allusions, or opinions that target/harm people who experience oppression and underrepresentation, such as black people and people of color, women, and queer people. By participating here, you accept that gender self-determination is a human right, and that any system or behavior which contradicts that right is inherently immoral and must be dismantled. 

📃🚫 Rule on: Prison and Law Enforcement. The incarceration of human beings is inherently wrong, and by chatting here you either accept that, or agree to not contradict it. This moral and political position against incarceration also applies to any other form of militarized law enforcement (including justifications for war or the existence of "police"). However, we do encourage discussion AGAINST these systems and how they can or should be dismantled.

📃🚫 Rule on: Racism & White Supremacy. Racism = Anything that advances the ideology of White Supremacy. White Supremacy is not merely "the KKK" or "lynching", but rather a complex system of oppression tightly woven into our lives via past AND present modalities such as genocide, legislation, language, culture, media, and more. Its agenda is advanced through everyday actions (and inactions) and upheld via the societal machinations which govern our lives. Participating here means you accept this.

📃🚫 Rule on: Debate, Opinions, & Critiques. Oppressive systems - and how they emerge in our lives and during these livestreams - WILL be freely criticized and dismantled. Advocacy against those critiques are strictly prohibited. I.e., arguments against ANY assertions of imperialism, racism, sexism, transphobia and etc., will be ended by a timeout or ban. This is a space FOR asserting anti-racist, anti-patriarchal, and pro-trans perspectives, NOT defending them against bad-faith agitators.